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5 Things to Love about LEDs

Light-emitting diode lamps, or LEDs, are looking ever brighter as the number of businesses installing them is surging. Are you someone who’s not yet sold on them? Well here are five great reasons to love LEDs.

1. Buy light, get light!

When you use inefficient incandescent or halogen bulbs, you pay for all the electricity they consume, but receive only a fraction of the light output for your money. LEDs are far more efficient and cost about one tenth as much to run, so you get more of the light you pay for. For example, a 90-watt halogen lamp can be replaced with a 15-watt LED lamp that provides the same 1,200 lumens output as the 90-watt halogen, but with a 75-watt-per-lamp reduction in energy use.

 2. Comfort is king.

Ever worked around those hot halogen track lights? Commonly used in retail settings, halogen bulbs give off so much heat you may find yourself running the air conditioning from March to November. Because cooling a space one degree costs ten times as much as heating it one degree, LED replacement bulbs will keep your store or office at a more comfortable temperature, and save you money on cooling costs.

3. Live long and prosper.

How often do light bulbs need to be changed in your facility? A lot less often when you use LEDs. They last much longer, require virtually no maintenance, and are not sensitive to weather changes.

4. Getting better all the time.

LEDs technology continues to improve and respond to consumer needs.

  • Manufacturers have responded to demand for warmer-colored bulbs with LEDs that more closely mimic the ambience of incandescents.
  • The energy efficiency of LEDs continues to increase.

5. Rebates, rebates, rebates.

Many utility companies offer rebates for upgrades to more efficient LED lighting. Energy Smart can connect you to the latest offers for rebates and project funding, and our consultants can help you research and plan the best lighting upgrade for your business.

For more information on LEDs, see the US Department of Energy’s website.

Just Announced: Indirect Downlighting LED Design!

Engineers have successfully designed an LED that uses a reflective dome to cast a more appealing, wider pool of light.  Read the Advanced LED Downlighting System technical brief.



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