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Energy Benchmarking and Energy Star Rating

Energy Benchmarking

Benchmarking your buildings energy use is an important first step on the road to energy efficiency. Energy Smart staff assists with the process starting with a utility bill analysis. Using U.S. Energy Information Administration standards, we’ll compare the energy use intensity of your building against other buildings of it’s type.  We’ll let you know how you’re doing and will recommend next steps.

If your building energy use index is below the national average, we can help you look into  getting a US EPA Energy Star rating for your building. Read more about our Energy Star building rating assistance below.

Energy Star Rating

Energy Smart believes that energy efficiency businesses should be recognized. Achieving the United States Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star building rating is a great way to be recognized and Energy Smart can help with the process.

We’ll enter your utility billing and building information into the Energy Star Building rating data base and will let you know your rating. A score of 75 or higher means that your building may qualify for an Energy Star rating. If you choose to pursue the Energy Star rating, data for your building needs to be verified by a registered architect or physical engineer. Energy Smart can assist with this part of the process as well.

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