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Energy Star Rating

Energy Smart believes in businesses being recognized for running an energy efficient operation.  Achieving the United States Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star building rating is a great way to be recognized and Energy Smart can help with the process.

We’ll enter your utility billing and building information into the Energy Star Building rating data base and will let you know your rating. A score of 75 or higher means that your building may qualify for an Energy Star rating. If you choose to pursue the rating, data will need to be verified by a registered architect or physical engineer. Energy Smart can assist with this part of the process as well.

Energy Star Rating Success Story

Last summer, Energy Smart did an on-site energy consultation at Donald’s Uniform and Apparel as part of a community focus alongSt. Paul’sPayne Avenue. Noticing the building seemed very efficient, Energy Smart offered to help Donald’s enter its building and utility data into the federal Energy Star program’s Portfolio Manager.

After inputting all 12 months of consecutive utility bill information and other required data, results were encouraging: Portfolio Manager showed that Donald’s scored an 87 on the 1-100 scale. A score of 75 or above means it is among the most energy-efficient buildings for its size nationwide.

Donald’s received the Energy Star building label for 2010 and was sent a bronze plaque for its building. “We’re very happy to achieve the award,” says Larry Laughlin, owner. “When we make decisions that are good for the business and the environment, it’s a win-win situation.”

The following building types may qualify for an Energy Star rating.

Commercial Buildings                                   Manufacturing Plants

Bank branches                                                  Auto assembly plants

Courthouses                                                     Cement plants

Data centers                                                     Container glass manufacturing

Dormitories                                                       Cookie and cracker baking plants

Financial centers                                              Flat glass manufacturing

Hospitals                                                           Frozen fried potato processing plants

Hotels                                                               Juice processing

House of worship                                              Petroleum refineries

K-12 schools                                                    Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants

Medical offices                                                 Pulp and paper plants

Offices                                                              Wet corn mills


Senior Care