MN Energy Smart

On-Site Energy Consultations

During our no-cost consultation an Energy Smart staff member will walk through the building to take a look at energy consuming equipment to identify potential strategies for reducing energy usage. Where opportunity exists, Energy Smart may record information (number of lights and type, number of computers, number and type of motors, etc.) in order to provide in depth savings potential information.

Each business receives a summary which indicates top energy-saving opportunities, next steps, a list of the financial incentives that may available to help pay for an upgrade, and any additional information that may be useful in making the decision to upgrade. Energy conservation improvement options will be broken down by level of opportunity (excellent, potential, not applicable or already doing) and by area of opportunity (lighting, machines & equipment, HVAC, hot water, building envelope).

Energy Smart has visited more than 500 businesses and we welcome the opportunity to assist your organization.  To schedule an on-site energy consultation, contact Chris Rustad at (651) 292-3902 or