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Indoor Lighting Ideas for Your Business

Energy Efficient Lighting Still Our Most Popular Upgrade

Ever drive through a business district after dark in December? Ever notice buildings with every office fully lit long after the staff has gone home? Ever think about how many businesses are virtually burning money all winter?

Hmm. Maybe we can all be doing more to use lighting more efficiently and save on energy this winter. Let’s consider a possible to-do list.

Modernize your office with stylish, efficient lighting

Automatic and programmable lighting systems

Install lighting controls that turn on and off with motion sensors, and automatically go dim after working hours. Stop paying to light rooms when no one is in them, and start collecting the savings!

Lighting where you need it, when you need it

Using LED task lighting allows you to focus light so it directly illuminates work areas instead of brightly lighting an entire room. Modern task lighting comes in a zillion edgy designs that make work spaces chic and stylish, bold and ambitious, or warm and inviting. Choose the right mood for your business, and you’ll also improve the customers’ experience.

Illuminate with LEDs instead of fluorescents

If your facility has not yet upgraded to energy-efficient LED lighting you are missing out on energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. Why delay?

Many companies are replacing their high- and low-bay fixtures with newer LED-ready equipment that uses approximately 40% to 50% less energy than the HID systems they replace. Because LED bulbs last longer, staff time spent replacing them is reduced. You can also buy LED retrofit kits for fluorescents, and T8 LED replacement tubes are an option. LEDs are business sensible!

Sweeten the deal with grants and incentives

The icing on the cake of lighting upgrades is rebates, grants, and other incentives. Many utility service providers offer enticing LED rebate programs that can make the changeover surprisingly affordable. Our staff will help you with the paperwork to be sure you get all the rebates for which you qualify. You can also check our Utility Rebate Finder.

In addition to rebates, your project may qualify for a grant from the Business Environmental Sustainability Program (BESFP) through the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. Grants of up to $2,500 are available for pre-qualified energy efficiency projects.

Contact Energy Smart staff for help applying for a BESFP grant, or other lower-cost financing programs by calling (651) 292-3902 or We want to answer your questions, and assist with your energy-efficient lighting upgrade project!


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