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Make it, Smarter: Manufacturers Save Big with Energy Efficiency

nordex_jonesboro_plant_001Energy use is a major cost driver for manufacturers. The good news is that cutting or eliminating energy waste in day-to-day operations can save manufacturers a bundle.

Let’s take a look at three popular energy upgrades for manufacturers. You might find common-sense opportunities for cutting energy costs at your facilities.

Let LEDs light the way

Upgrading to LED bulbs and fixtures is a fast, easy, and affordable way to save energy in warehouses, factories, and office buildings. LED technology is rapidly advancing, and consumers now have more choices than ever for interior lighting design, bulb shape, intensity, and color value.

And don’t forget exterior lighting, especially with the shorter days of winter approaching. High-efficiency LED wall packs are helping companies maintain well-lit grounds and parking areas while saving energy and money.

How much energy can you save? It depends on your current energy use and the choices you make in new lighting. Yes, it can be hard to evaluate an energy upgrade based on ROI projections from a contractor or salesperson. Energy Smart can help. We’re a non-profit organization that provides objective data and recommendations you can use to make the best lighting choice for your facility.

Make motors more efficient

Inefficient motors and motor controls gobble electricity.

Do you have old motors running your conveyor belts, boiler pumps, or other equipment? If so, chances are you can rev your energy efficiency by replacing them with more efficient motors. Energy Smart can help you evaluate potential savings from newer motor technology, and alert you to utility rebates for which your upgrade may qualify, reducing project costs.

Controlling the operation of motors can be as important to efficiency as the motors themselves. Variable speed drives (VSDs) direct power to equipment and climate controls when it’s needed, and control for only the minimum amount of power necessary when demand is lower. Smarter motors mean more bottom-line energy savings.

Use all the compressed air you pay for

Manufacturers use compressed air systems for drying and cleaning products, running punch press machines, and much more. Even a 1/8” hole in an air hose can cost a company thousands of dollars a year in wasted energy. Yikes!

Have your compressed air system tested, and keep it maintained. Utility companies including Xcel Energy offer air system testing programs and retrofit rebates, and Energy Smart can guide you through the process.

In fact, Energy Smart has helped companies across Minnesota make what they make more efficiently. We’ll help you uncover energy savings opportunities in your operations, and connect you to rebates and funding sources for which your energy upgrades may qualify. We look forward to talking to you soon!


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