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Minnesota #10 in Energy Efficiency in 2016

Congratulations, Minnesota! Once again our state is being recognized as a national leader in energy efficiency.

The 2016 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard, researched and published by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), ranks Minnesota as the 10th most energy efficient among the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The states topping the list are California and Massachusetts (tied for #1), followed by Vermont (#3), Rhode Island (#4), Connecticut and New York (tied for #5), Oregon (#7), Washington state (#8), Maryland (#9), and Minnesota (#10).

ACEEE praises Minnesota for our state government-led initiatives around energy efficiency. Because Minnesota imports more energy than we export, energy costs represent a net drain on our economy, while conservation successes have a positive effect on our state’s business climate and financial well-being. Programs to reduce energy consumption that are implemented at the state, county, and municipal levels spread the economic benefits of sustainability to every corner of the state.

Steven Nadel, executive director of ACEEE, said: “Governors, legislators, regulators, businesses, and citizens are increasingly recognizing that energy efficiency is a critical state resource that keeps money in the local economy.”

Best in the Region

In 2016, as in many previous years, Minnesota ranks well above its neighbors. ACEEE ranks North Dakota as the state most in need of improvement (#51), along with South Dakota (#49). Wisconsin holds the #22 spot, and Iowa has slipped to #15, though it is still doing well compared to the overall rankings.

How are states scored for energy efficiency? The 2016 ACEEE State Scorecard “zeroes in on six policy areas in which states pursue energy efficiency: utility and public benefits programs and policies; transportation policies; building energy codes; combined heat and power (CHP) policies; state government-led initiatives around energy efficiency; and appliance and equipment standards.”

To read the entire report, click here. For detailed information on Minnesota’s ranking, click here.

Curious about how your organization’s energy efficiency may stack up compared to other similar businesses? Energy Smart can help with information specific to each business’s facilities and activities. Our staff members provide onsite assessments that owners and managers can use to make better plans and decisions about energy use. Request your no-cost onsite energy assessment by calling (651) 292-3902 or We want to empower all Minnesota business to be energy-efficiency leaders in their communities.


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