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Missing Out on Cold Cash? Save Energy on Refrigeration

There’s a reason why your parent griped at you to close the fridge door when you were a kid: Doing so runs up the energy bill.

This is Soda_Cooler_July_EnergyNotes_150x150not news to food service companies, including grocers, restauranteurs, food product manufacturers, and convenience store owners. Keeping cold spaces cold typically makes up the largest portion of their energy bills.

What is news are the energy-saving advancements in refrigeration technology that are now available to replace conventional energy-hogging motors—and quite often receive a utility rebate for doing so.

Cut refrigeration costs 40-70 percent

The latest electrically commutated (EC) motors can cut refrigeration energy use and cost by 40-70 percent over shaded pole motors on evaporator fans. In fact, Energy Smart is now helping Minnesota businesses upgrade to EC motors with rebates ranging $40-70 per ton.

Another perk of the
new technology is that you don’t need to replace your whole system to get the benefits of EC motors. Many are ready-made for retrofitting existing cooling systems, minimizing the time and cost of the upgrade.

Adding controls increases savings further

To save even more, top off your retrofit with a motor control system that automatically slows evaporation fans during lulls in use. When coupled with a motor management plan your organization will be able to consider the full life-cycle of motors, preparing for upgrades in order to reduce downtime, improve productivity and decrease energy costs.

With potential savings that high, Energy Smart encourages all Minnesota businesses to get going on refrigeration upgrades. Please contact us today. We’ll walk you through the process, and ensure you maximize the amount you receive in utility rebates.


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