MN Energy Smart

Energy Assessment

An energy assessment measures your business’s energy use and recommends steps for you to save money on operational costs. Energy assessments can include lighting, heating/ventilation/cooling (HVAC) systems and industrial processes. Following an on-site assessment, you will be provided with a report documenting energy use and conservation opportunities.

Energy assessments can be done in several ways, but typically here’s what you can expect:

  1. Data collection and analysis. A physical walk-through of your facility is the most effective way to collect the needed information. Some utilities offer online assessments, and some will collect much but not all of the needed information from you over the phone.
  2. A detailed report. An on-site energy assessment report such as an Xcel Energy assessment report typically includes a summary, facility description, list of energy expenses and consumption and energy conservation opportunities. An audit specifically designed for lighting (ex. Xcel Energy One Stop Efficiency Shop lighting audit report) typically includes details on your current lighting, energy cost savings opportunities, approximate cost for upgrades and estimated payback term.
  3. Significant savings from upgrades. A lighting upgrade alone could save you 35% of your business’s lighting costs. Rebates, grants and low interest loans are often available for moving forward with energy efficient upgrades and may also help recoup the costs of an energy audit if fees apply.

If you’ve not formally assessed energy use at your business, contact Energy Smart today and we’ll help you get started.