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When you’ve decided to make an energy efficient upgrade to your business, the next step is to get bids for the work. Some utilities will walk you through this process, some will give you a list of vendors and contractors, but most will leave it up to you to find one. Remember that vendors are companies that provide the product for the upgrade and contractors perform the upgrade work. Businesses listed as “Contractors” often provide both contracting and vending services.

Energy Smart has assembled some information to help you know who and what to ask when you’re ready to upgrade your facility. If you need additional assistance at any time, contact Energy Smart.

Questions To Ask

  • When contacting a vendor or contractor, tell them that you’ve had a lighting or energy assessment and that you want the bid to follow the specifications set forth in the assessment report.
  • When talking with a contractor, ask what percentage of their annual work includes energy efficiency upgrades or retrofits. If they cannot provide at least three references with measurable energy cost savings results, Energy Smart recommends calling someone else.
  • When talking with a vendor, ask them what percentage of the product they sell is ENERGY STAR certified or is highly energy efficient. If the contractor cannot give you specific examples of energy efficient products, Energy Smart recommends calling someone else.
  • Inform the contractor that they will be required to follow rebate specifications and ask them to take the lead on filing the rebate paperwork. Rebate paperwork MUST be completed for a customer to receive a rebate. If you need additional assistance on rebate paperwork, contact Energy Smart.

Finding A Contractor Or Vendor

Finding a qualified vendor or contractor can sometimes be difficult. Below are several lists by trusted organizations. Please keep in mind that the organizations below do not endorse, certify or guarantee the work of the providers on their lists. If you need additional assistance at any time, contact Energy Smart.

  • ENERGY STAR’s Service and Product Partner List can help you locate companies that provide energy efficiency services and products – many of which serve most parts of the state.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency provides a product locator tool which points you to a wide range of ENERGY STAR certified products.
  • Xcel Energy has service provider lists posted on its web site. These service providers work in many areas of the state. PLEASE NOTE: These lists do not constitute an endorsement of these providers, nor does it certify or guarantee their work. Service providers are not employees or agents of Xcel Energy. Xcel Energy projects may require pre-approval.

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