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Success Story — Little Falls Area Chamber

LED holiday lighting upgrade

LITTLE FALLS – The City of Lights celebration in Little Falls uses approximately 10,000 white light bulbs to outline 56 historic buildings in the city’s downtown. The lights are on from dusk to dawn starting at Thanksgiving and running through January 1st. In 2008, the Little Falls Area Chamber of Commerce chose to upgrade these lights to energy-saving LED bulbs.

“Our electric bills are 73% less with the LED bulbs, which is a huge savings for the Chamber,” said Debora Boelz, President and CEO of the Little Falls Area Chamber of Commerce.

Before rebates from Minnesota Power, the upgrade cost the Little Falls Area Chamber approximately $20,000, with each bulb costing $1.27. Minnesota Power, through its PowerGrant program, provided a grant for $17,040. This amount was based on a formula that combined past energy use, the number of bulbs and projected energy savings.

The Little Falls Chamber will recover the $3,000 the project cost them in one year of energy cost savings.

Minnesota Power has worked with other businesses in the Little Falls area to retrofit their buildings as well. “We are seeing huge energy savings all over town!” said Debora Boelz, president and CEO of the Little Falls Chamber.

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