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Success Story — St. Paul Linoleum and Carpet Co.

St. Paul LinoleumEAGAN – A business and its parent company will save thousands of dollars this year on lighting costs, thanks to an energy-saving upgrade recommended by Energy Smart.

Energy Smart first contacted St. Paul Linoleum and Carpet Co. in July 2008 and worked closely with the business to coordinate a no-cost lighting assessment in October 2008.

St. Paul Linoleum and Carpet completed its lighting upgrade in May 2009 that is estimated to save $6,400 per year in electricity costs.

“Our lighting upgrade will require half the electrical energy we currently purchase for lighting and save us thousands of dollars a year on our electrical bills,” said Lynn Hansch, vice president. The most recent energy bill was $685 less than the similar period last year. Although lower 2009 fuel surcharges may account for some savings from spring 2008, Hansch estimated electrical savings even when taking this adjustment into account.

Armcom Distributing Company, the parent company for St. Paul Linoleum and Carpet, heard about this program as a result of the upgrade and also completed a lighting assessment. Armcom Distributing completed its own upgrade in April 2009 that is estimated to save the company $2,500 per year.

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