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Success Story – Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield / Northmarq Does Well by Their Client


MCC-ES-successThe Minnesota Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) leases office space in the Securian Financial Group building downtown St. Paul. The building is managed by Cushman & Wakefield/Northmarq, the largest commercial real estate firm in the Upper Midwest.

Continuing their efforts to “green” the Chamber offices, Energy Smart staff engaged Cushman & Wakefield/Northmarq, to find ways to improve energy efficiency.

“The Chamber approached us to talk about how we could help make their office more energy efficient and the conversation quickly turned to what more we could do in the rest of the building,” said Larry Olimb, General Manager for Cushman and Wakefield/Northmarq. “Energy Smart staff helped our chief engineer crunch some numbers and…the decision to upgrade to LED lights in elevator areas of the building was obvious.”

The project began with a walkthrough of the building’s common areas to identify energy-saving opportunities. On all 21 floors, the areas near the elevators were targeted for upgrades to high-efficiency LED lighting. The upgrade in LED lighting by the elevators will return an estimated annual energy savings of 32,000 kWh.

The Chamber also took advantage of the opportunity to upgrade all screw in lamps in their offices to LED, qualifying the Chamber for a utility rebate of $582.  On top of the building-wide lighting improvements, the Chamber’s own upgrades will add estimated annual energy cost savings of $746, and annual energy savings of 8,047 kWh.

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