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Success Story – Mintahoe Catering

Mintahoe Catering Serves Up Big Savings


 Mintahoe CateringTop catering companies deliver great food and outstanding service, a combination that requires focused attention on efficiency. The fast-paced and challenging environment at Mintahoe Catering and Events of Minneapolis is no exception.

When constructing a new building for its catering operations, Mintahoe’s management zeroed in on energy efficiency as a key goal. With Energy Smart’s assistance, Mintahoe is conserving energy while earning more than $9,000 in rebates that offset construction costs.

“At Mintahoe we value being an environmentally-friendly company,” said Shawn McMerty, Director of Finance and Business Operations.  “Part of being environmentally friendly is increasing Mintahoe’s energy efficiency. With our new state of the art 25,000 square foot kitchen, managing our energy costs is a big part of our overall efficiency.”

In the large kitchen, 200 state-of-the-art LED troffer light fixtures are installed, earning an Xcel Energy rebate of $5,426. The rooftop air-conditioning unit is so efficient that it qualified for $900 in rebates. Two high-efficiency water heaters earned rebates of $1,200. For heating, Mintahoe chose a new 94% efficient boiler.

“Energy Smart helped us achieve our energy goals while also providing huge savings for years to come,” said McMerty. “In business, that’s the best of both worlds.”

Today, Mintahoe is enjoying estimated annual energy savings of $8,390. Upgrading for energy efficiency will continue to save the company money and reduce overhead in a competitive industry.

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