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Tap Energy Savings in Your Home Office

Home_Sweet_Studio_150x150Many of Minnesota’s largest businesses are actively engaging in energy conservation. Big companies with big facilities are realizing big savings when they reduce energy consumption. The sustainability leaders at these companies deserve our recognition and praise. Keep up the great work!

But what about home offices? Are we doing all we can to conserve energy at our home-based businesses and home offices? Not so much. When you add up the potential energy savings across hundreds of thousands of home offices in Minnesota alone, this is a market segment that deserves our attention.

If you have a home office, you may not realize there are great resources available to help your space be more energy efficient. Information, services and rebates are offered through residential energy efficiency programs across the state. Many conservation strategies cost little or no money, and can return significant savings.

  1. Schedule a home energy audit through your utility company. Trained energy auditors will assess how much energy your home uses, and then recommend options for improving energy efficiency. Homeowners receive big discounts on audits performed though utility companies. An audit may cost as little as $25.
  2. Change your energy use habits. Turn off and unplug office equipment when not in use, open the window instead of running the air conditioner, choose natural daylight when possible, and turn out the lights when you leave the home office.
  3. Choose efficient systems and earn rebates. By upgrading to more efficient equipment you may get cash back as well as lower energy bills. For example, converting to efficient LED lighting may qualify you for a rebate through your utility company. You may also consider the bottom-line benefits of upgrading to a more efficient furnace and/or air conditioner, choosing ENERGY STAR-rated computers and equipment, and installing a programmable thermostat.

Bring the savings home! You may have opportunities to reduce energy costs for your business and your family. Contact Minnesota Energy Smart with your questions, and see for more tips for saving money and energy at home.



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